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It also rules finances -- the Your sex drive, your propensity for irritation, your urge to compete and succeed -- all fall within this powerful planet's realm. It affects your attitude toward everything from Whatever it is, today's Aries. Like the seasons and the tides, your emotions ebb and flow in cycles. Libra: September 23rd - October 22nd, is symbolized by the Scales, which are all about balance -- Libra's lifelong pursuit. Cancer: June 22nd - July 22nd, is symbolized by the Crab, which makes a lot of sense when you take that sensitive, emotional nature into account.

Aries March 20th - April 19th. Taurus April 20th - May 20th. Gemini May 21st - June 20th. Cancer June 21st - July 21st. Leo July 22nd - August 21st. Virgo August 22nd - September 21st. Libra September 22nd - October 22nd. Scorpio October 23rd - November 21st.

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Sagittarius November 22nd - December 20th. Capricorn December 21st - January 18th. Aquarius January 19th - February 17th. Pisces February 18th - March 19th. Phrases like 'the winds of change' can tell you a lot about the element of Air, which is associated with the Zodiac signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air lends these signs a lighthearted, mercurial quality -- especially Gemini, which is known to be lots of fun, rather indecisive and apt to August 19 th , A communicative start to the week with a Moon.

A trine between two planets in an astrological chart occurs when the planets are one hundred twenty degrees apart. Just as fire burns bright, crackling with heat and energy that are as essential to life as they are potentially destructive, so is the energy that burns within Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the Fire Signs of the Zodiac. Leo: July 23rd - August 22nd, is symbolized by the Lion, and this sign personifies all the leadership, pride, warmth, courage and strength of the King of the Jungle. Just as the sun is the center of the orbit of all the planets in the solar system, it's also the center of you -- your inner fire, the vital energy that will run through you your whole life.

Virgo: August 23rd - September 22nd, is symbolized by the Virgin -- but don't take that too literally. August 20 th , It's a good Tuesday for pressing ahead with ongoing projects and routine matters - nothing particularly exciting is going on, but then again, we always miss normal when it vanishes; take the opportunity today to celebrate the ordinary, especially if you're an adventurous cardinal sign, Aries.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope by The AstroTwins | Astrostyle

Ah, Venus -- the sweet, affectionate and romantic planet of love. Your friendly, unfiltered energy helps everyone around you lighten up and start talking. You hate to be bored! Accessories make your outfit — vintage cufflinks, stacked rings, killer heels — especially if they have a story behind them.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope Free

You love a paradox, mixing runway couture and street style pieces in a way that no one else can duplicate. But the call to settle down and get domestic will be strong in the year ahead. Classic Cancer Motivation: While you can be adventurous, Cancers require a baseline of security in order to relax. A comfortable home, enough money in the bank, job security — once you have that covered, your next favorite thing is to spoil your family and close friends.

As a water sign, you look great in a preppy, nautical-inspired style: navy blazers with crisp white shirts or pants, breton stripes. Comfy-yet-fitted sweaters are a must. Classic Leo Strengths: Noble and magnanimous you are a natural leader and role model. Your warm and vibrant personality can light up a room. Classic Leo Motivation: No apologies needed — you want to be famous, Leo. Or at the very least, known and admired for accomplishing something magnificent like introverted Leo astronaut Neil Armstrong who was the first man to walk on the moon.

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Aspiring to greatness is a noble pursuit so find your passion and go for it. Classic Leo Style: Hello, showstopper! Colorful, eclectic, and even metallic — every day is a costume party for some Leos. Even your casual look is sharp and snappy, like signmate Jennifer Lawrence and Barack Obama. Your hair is your crowning glory and you may change your mane regularly or invest a lot in its upkeep. A Classic Leo Moment: Opening your mouth to speak, sing, perform, present, or just add your two cents and turning the occasion into performance art.

Classic Virgo Strengths: Ignore any rumors about Virgos being boring. Practice makes perfect! Classic Virgo Style: Virgos are preppy-yet-playful.

Scorpio Weekly Astrology Horoscope 22nd July 2019

A Classic Virgo Moment: Spouting off random trivia — like the history of a resurgent artist or the best single-origin coffee brands — and saving friends from making boring, basic choices. With lucky, spotlight-stealing Jupiter in your sign from August 11, to September 9, a once per decade event you have the Beyonce factor now.

Classic Libra Strengths: Peace, love and harmony are the Libra trinity. With your melodious voice and welcoming charm you put people at ease. Friends are often happy recipients of your luxe hand-me-downs. Sharing is caring for generous Libra. You have a keen sense of justice.

Romantic Venus is your ruler and you would do anything for love yes, probably that. Classic Libra Style: No one understands the subtly disarming power better than a Libra. Symmetry matters: You can pull off the matchy matchy look — or clashing patterns, thanks to your keen eye for color. Like Libra Gwen Stefani your look can be both edgy and sweet. You stun in an elegant suit or a blazer over jeans. A Classic Libra Moment: Saying yes to three parties in the same night and miraculously managing to attend them all like socialite signmate Kim Kardashian.

You could take a gap year or a monthlong sabbatical, learning to meditate or pursuing your art with fervor. No one can persevere or radar in on a microscopic detail better than you.

On Saturday, a full moon in Scorpio comes our way.

Mysterious and enchanting, you can keep a secret locked in the vault for eternity. You might even make your mark by working behind the scenes as an editor or producer like Scorpio Diddy. Classic Scorpio Style: Small batch style, please! Sultry Scorpios are tastemakers who prefer capsule collections and indie-label designers. Sunglasses are the ubiquitous accessory to hide your flashing eyes. A Classic Scorpio Moment: Flying under the radar then suddenly announcing that you just got married, had a baby, or locked down a six-figure deal. Let go of that Scorpio control and collaborate.

Sagittarius is the ultimate optimist and entrepreneur. Seeking wisdom is your obsession, which you pass on to friends as helpful advice.

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